Our Company has been established upon our  experiences in the sector  of  industrial Rug /Carpet washing machinery as well as industrial gaming machines for the last 10 years.  
Our company mainly specialize in the field of both manufacturing and trading of Professional rug / carpet  wringer centrifuges,automated table top Rug /Carpet washing machines,Automatic  and manual Rug/Carpet lifters,Automated taple top Rug de- dusting machines  as well as industrial gaming products of table soccer,boxing machines etc.. 
Our misson in business is providing efficient solutions to those who operate professional  rug cleaning businesses, targeting to increase their capacity and quality of rug cleaning.
We also provide consultation to interested  investers willing to start a new rug/carpet cleaning business without any priour experience in rug cleaning,Helping them step by  step on how to be successfull, Offering optional packages to create a rug cleaning plant with the best suitable way to their financial capacity.
Our vision is to contribute to the growing sector of rug cleaning by always working on to improve our Professional automated rug cleaning,wringing and dusting machinery products under our brandname SpinForce according to the needs of rug cleaning business owners.