14FT Full Automatic Rug Beating de-dusting  Machine BM 146

Easy to Operate

Specially Designed Beaters for Perfect dust removal

Rug Rolling mechanism

Integrated 1,5kw industrial vacuuming

Easy to reach mechanical areas for maintanence by built in  locked cabinets on both sides.

Wheeled for easy moving around your shop

Equipped with an on/off switch and emergency stop as well as a conveyor speed adjuster

Can be customly built to run with any Voltage between 200volts and 600volts of 3 phase industrial electricity.

Avaliable in custom sizes between 7ft ( 215cm) and 14ft ( 426cm)

Please contact for more info

Rug Beating Bench width :14ft / 425cm

Voltage  : 380v-50hz 3 phase ( can beconfigured to work with 220v-60hz 3 phase)

Total power : 5,5kw

Rug beating rate : 525rpm per minute

Vacuuming power : 3200 watts

Rug feeding ( conveyor) speed adjustment : Yes

Automatic Self Rug Rolling : Yes