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Industrial De-humidifiers are known to be used in the fields of drying many things. They can be very helpfull especiall in locations where the weather conditions are mostly humid ..  Even after the wringing procsess , rugs still require to be hanged  to be  %100 dry.  Depending on the weather conditions  period of time needed  for hanging may vary from 10 to 45 hours.

Industrial  de-humidifiers do a great job by shortening the time needed for  drying  of rugs at the last stage while hanged.  A sepacial issoliated drying room is required .  Drying capacity and time may vary depending on the power of de-humidifiers.  For instance  a 2,5 kw de-humidifier  can dry up to 250sqm of rugs in an isolated 30sqm room .  Please browse our inventory for different models.


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