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Profesional steam and vacuum cleaners  are specially designed and used for quick and effective cleaning of all textile surfaces such as upholsteries,carpets,rugs, etc. ..

The biggest advantage of using steam is that it desinfects the surfaces its aplied to.  Steam’s  minimum 140 degrees of heat kills all household mites,germs that can survive in almost any weather conditions even up to 80 degrees of heat.  Cleaning with steam avoids the need for chemichals  therefore no residue of any kind of chemicals are left on household surfaces.  As some of those cleaning chemichals can be hazardous to not only household pets but to babies, under age kids or even adults with breathing difficulties such as asthma.

One other advantage of steam cleaning is that drying process ,after cleaning does not take much time compering to hot water cleaning.   Considering all of these advantages ,nowonder why  steam is the most preferred way of cleaning all around the world.


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