Full Auto FlatBed Rug Washer RWM164

Auto FlatBed Carpet Washing Machine RWM164

Great and Affordable industrial All Automated Rug washing machine RWM164  

Hot Dipping Galvanize Coated

SpinForce Automated Rug / Carpet washer can be built in different washing bench width sizes of 220cm/ 260cm /320cm/360cm/450cm  with 4/6/8 rotary brushes. Production time may vary.

Optional production with different specifications is avaliable upon client request

Rug Washing Bench  Width                    : 450cm /15ft ( Optional sizes of production avaliable )

Rug Washing Lenght                                : 320cm /10ft

Conveyor Band Power                             : 1,5kw

Conveyor Band Speed                              : Adjustable

Number of Brushes & Power                  : 6 x 0.75Kw

Brushes Moving Speed                             : Adjustable / Switch controlled

Shampoo remover power                        : 0.75kw

Shampoo remover Speed                         : Adjustable

Number and Size of Rotary brushes      : 6/38cm /15inch

Number and Size of Cyldrical brushes   : 2 / 420cm /14ft

Power of Cyldrical Brushes                       : 1.5kw

Total Power                                                   : 15kw 380v-50hz 3 phase

Easy to operate all actions on a single controlling panel

Can be Shipped to any port in the World with all components together  in a 20ft container.  Shipped Plug&Play no installation Required.

Training provided at the buyers location