Rug Centrifugal Machine SP144

Great  Rug Spinner Centrifuge SP144  Designed and Build By SpinForce .

inner drum diameter of 40cm / 15inch  Heavy Duty industrial Rug Spinner engineered with/for perfection.. 

Best for Spin wringing all types of large 14ft lenght Area Rugs.

Type Footed
Voltage(V-Hz) 380/220-50
Motor power(KW-HP) 7.5-10
Inner Drum Lenght(Cm/Ft) 430/14 (custom production is avaliable)
Inner Drum Diameter(Cm/Ft) 40/15inch
Inner Drum Material( Standart) Stainless Steel
Outer Drum Material(Standart)  Painted Iron
Motor speed(Rpm/m) 1570
Drum spinning rate(Rpm/m) 920
Weight(Kg) 720