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RCS MAKINA  is dedicated to Manufacture & Offer Best Quality Industrial Rug Cleaning Machinery at the right price as well as  providing you the best possibble deals and headache free service on the stuff that your esteemed business needs. Combining our years of experience in Rug cleaning and Manufacturing Industrial Rug Cleaning Machinery has given us the oppurtunity to be able to offer you the best deals on market today.

Our biggest aim is to achive perfect customer satisfaction through our own experience of knowing what our clients really need for an efficiently running Rug cleaning plant.

Only our own manufactured quality certified new  or quality confirmed  used equipment are offered to our clients on our site . Please check out our inventory to find the best solutions for your business.  Ask us for special quotations or  special deals on anything you may need.  We’ll also be happy  to assist you get the stuff delivered right to your door secure and conviniently  regardless of wherever your esteemed business may be located.

Rugcleaningstuff is a registered trademark of RCS MACHINERY MANUFACTURING AND TRADING LTD.

RCS Makina LTD. ŞTİ.

You can call us for more information about our products and services: