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DE- Dusting Rugs is the very  first and important stage of the Rug Cleaning proccess . Most of the  Professional rug cleaners Always de-dust rugs before moving on to any other treatment involving  water and chemichals. There have been different  techniques to do de-dusting  of rugs.  In the old days it was commonly done by beating rugs with rubber coated sticks to remove dusts. Nowadays with the improving technology on machineries, there are mainly 3 types of de-dusting machines avaliable, manual walk behind type , Table type full and semi automatic De-dusters with conveyor systems and vacuuming feature as well as Rug Tumbler Dusters.  Using a manual type dusting machine  will require the operator  to push it on rugs for dusting. Dust coming out of  rugs have to be picked up and disposed manually afterwards as well .Studies have proven that at least 50 to 200gr of dust ,hair,feathers and stiff dirt particals happen to come out of an avarage 9sqm rug. While manual rug de-dusters get the job done at an affordable level , they rely on man power increasing the cost of labor.  Table type of Automatic de-dusters on the other hand provide faster and easier operation with the oppurtunity to de dust each individual Rug per time to insure perfect Hygiene. Only other hand the Rug Tumbler Dusters do a great job of de-dusting several rugs at the same time saving on Labor.

Regardless of the type of the machine used for de-dusting, De dusting  is very essential for the Cleaning quality and it must be done.  De -dusting rugs efficiently does not only increase the Cleaning quality but also makes it easier to get rid of stains and dirts on washing proccess , saving you water and checmichals plus shortening the time needed for washing.

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